Isaac Okello

Patient Leader

Isaac Okello has been doing Sickle Cell advocacy for the last three years in Uganda.He supports and contributes immensely to improve quality of life of individuals living with sickle cell disease across the Country . He continues to advance care and treatment by supporting research and advocating with the government on behalf its constituents. He also liaises with community agencies and stake holders to bring more awareness to this disease. Isaac Okello is the Founder of Raising Hope International Friends (RHIF) organization based in Uganda that does Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease in Uganda. He is currently the Executive Director for Raising Hope International Friends (RHIF). RHIF has a strategy laid to educate and sensitize 2,000,000 Ugandan, test 100,000 Ugandans and 2,000 Sickle Cell victims on improved care by 2030. RHIF is purposed to build confidence, raise self-esteem, improve the health status and empower the community we work with to participate fully in their own affair and decision making to facilitate community based projects. #strongerTogether


Kampala, C


Advocating for Another

He is so passionate about educating the public on the sickle cell disease  — Charlotte

I have seen how passionate he is in advocating for sickcell disease in the country .Together with his team work hand in hand to help in every way possible to reaching out to sickcellers in every community  — sharon

Isaac Okello

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