One man army as cancer winner in 22nd year

Patient Leader

Greetings! Shrenik Shah from India,Laryngectomee (larynx cancer) in 22nd year speaking with Electro Larynx with clearly audible sound since 1997 & #FromDisabledtoEnabled person. My Voice is my "Incredible Asset & Identity for lifetime" & through this i had & am committed of SAVING LIFE OF MANY. "Seeing is Believing" & "Bringing Back Smile to Patients" through my Talk Shows is BEST RETURN GIFT to GOD. Cancer surgeon's comment speaks most about me : i am on Mission with Passion to touch 1 Million hearts of Cancer patients to turn them into fearless Winners. Sharing my "Elixir" Life after cancer winning journey here : 1) 2) CancerAid, Australia's MVP Champion & Ambassador 3) talk shows: @GCRI ( on World head & neck Cancer day. @B J Medical College @live telecast at BISAG,Gandhinagar for State of Gujarat for Cancer awareness:( ),reached 2.5 Million families at grass root level & did many live talk shows (explore: Largely connected with many Oncologists globally & with 20k+ Cancer patients. I Cover following topics with slides in my talk shows: # There is beautiful life even after cancer # Image Building Beyond Boundaries # From Disabled to Enabled # Going Back to work after Cancer Treatment # Making difference in lives of others Sponsored as speaker by many NGOs. Received "Terry Hall Outliving Life award" from The International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL)USA & from Chief Minister of State of Gujarat Nominated with UICC,Switzerland & participating for their "ADVOCACY" events for 'Cancer Free World" My journey featured in many countries by support groups,medical colleges, hospitals Received many national & international awards.


Ahmedabad, 09

2 sites to follow with scope of double readership : is best for FB user to share UNLIMITED,helpful contents with corresponding links pictures location tag friends & receiving likes from people,comments & replying,learning new contents &,most with crispy knowledgeable contents & used by top influential people worldwide  — Shrenik as it covers various activities done by nominee through live talk shows,group discussion for community for cancer awareness,prevention fighting cancer with unlimited contents,corresponding social media links, pictures & can be shared with most social medias to reach to large number of people to educate, inspire & motivate  — Shrenik

Shrenik Shah,Cancer Winner in 22nd year is "One Man Army",fought cancer with virtual handshake with death after Larynx cancer IVA.He showcased "Elixir" life from being disabled to differently enabled person speaking with Electro Larynx & motivated many in his LIVE TALK SHOWS. His journey featured in many countries.  — Shrenik

 — Shrenik

Making difference & bringing back smile to cancer patients to fight cancer fearlessly & leading better life post cancer,when diagnosed with cancer & undergoing painful treatments & inspiring Oncologists to believe in their skill of treating cancer patients:  — Shrenik

Nominee joined 43 cancer support groups with 20000+ cancer patients through facebook to support,guide cancer patients,creating cancer awareness,prevention,early detection,timely treatments & Live talk shows with slides to showcase #From disabled to Enabled, #going back to work after cancer treatments.  — Shrenik

Since last so many years he fight for cancer and he become a hero amongst other cancer patient  — Tejas

Best ever!  — Birju

One man army as cancer winner in 22nd year

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