Leah Castle, Founder of Living On Roots

Patient Leader

In 2016 my body was struggling, pretty much a walking ball of inflammation. I was having lower back issues, knee problems, hip pain (just about anywhere there is a joint), recurring headaches, digestive tract issues, and zero energy. I was 35 years old and should not be feeling this miserable. I knew if I didn’t change something about my life things were not going to get better the older I got that is for sure. I came to the conclusion that I needed to help myself as much as I could. So I started reading and learning about food. I watched documentaries and learned how food can both heal and hurt our bodies. I was incredibly inspired by what I was finding and decided to change the way I was living to see if it would help. I said goodbye to processed foods, read ingredients, ate cleaner meat, used high quality dairy in my recipes, and added more vegetables to my daily menu. I felt good about the choices I was making, my body was feeling a little better, but I still did not feel good or fulfilled with this as my permanent lifestyle. It wasn’t until I made the commitment to live a plant-based lifestyle that I realized the power of food and impact it has on your life. For 30 days I got rid of all meat, dairy, cheese, bread, Betty Crocker brownies, and dedicated my life to eating plants and drinking water. It was a life changing feeling and by far the most valuable 30 days of my life. That 30 days has now turned into over 1,000 days. My mission is to help women break free from the diet mentality. To help them get back to their roots without feeling like they are stuck to a plan that doesn't allow flexibility.


Lakeside, CA


Best Kept Secret

She is very on point with everything she does.  — Michael

Leah Castle, Founder of Living On Roots

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