Charles Mattocks

Patient Leader


Tampa, FL


Advocating for Another Lifetime Achievement

Charles continues to advocate for thousands of people fighting battles against CRPS, diabetes, cancer, and many other causes. I am one of the people he advocates for and will be forever grateful.  — Jessica

I follow his work almost for 3 years now. Seeinghis Award winning film about CRPS, after that about Diabetes. Didn't know much about diabetes but thanks to him, learning/listening to him I learned so much about diabetes. He cares about people with deseases,to be their voices, to help, to be their advicote. He wants to reach lives that others can't  — Sevim

Mr. Mattocks has helped me in so many ways. He tirelessly advocates for CRPS, Diabetes, cancer and anything else he can do. THIS MAN HAS LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE. He has helped me find care I would otherwise not know about. He truly cares. He truly wants to see people get better, find treatment, etc. To me, there is no other choice for this award.  — Scott

Trial by fire is inspiring and should be televised  — Reggie

Charles Mattocks

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