Ashley Durance

Patient Leader

Ashley is the mother to Hazel, a former 23 weeker born weighing less than 1 pound after she became critically ill with HELLP syndrome and was forced to deliver Hazel prematurely. Since Hazel's birth, Ashley has been a strong advocate for prematurity and HELLP awareness as well as an advocate for parents providing support through social media platforms and speaking at conferences worldwide on the importance of skin to skin care between parents and their micro preemies who are ventilated on the Jet ventilator. She works closely with the team at Royal Columbian Hospital where her daughter, Hazel spent the first 6 months of her life as a parent advocate with their unique approach to kangaroo care on the jet. Ashley is currently writing her first novel with plans to publish in 2020.


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Ashley is a massive voice for preemie care- especially related to skin to skin with ventilated babies in the NICU. She was a voice for her daughter Hazel, and because of her drive, she changed the system, she changed how medical staff go about their protocols for ventilated babies. The more people that know, the more change can happen!  — Samantha

Ashley Durance

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