Christine Hodgdon

Patient Leader

Hi I'm Christine! I lost my father to a rare cancer & 6 years later I was diagnosed with both metastatic breast cancer (MBC) & thyroid cancer. MBC occurs when the cancer has spread from the original tumor in the breast to a distant organ, There is no cure for MBC and often patients die. I got VERY lucky and miraculously had a complete response to my treatments & remain to this day with no evidence of disease. With this "bonus" time, I decided to leave my professional career as a conservation biologist to become a full time patient advocate. One of the major challenges metastatic patients face is finding a treatment that stops the cancer from spreading. If patients are lucky enough to find a successful treatment, the next challenge is that the patients often become resistant to this therapy and will inevitably have progression of their disease which can be fatal. In an effort to be prepared for my next progression, I started compiling a list of clinical trials for which I would be eligible and I learned very quickly how difficult the website was to navigate. To address the inadequacies of the clinical trials website, I created my own search algorithm to capture ALL possible trials for metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients. I then created my own website as a one-stop shop for MBC patients that includes a: 1) searchable database of all clinical trials and drugs specific to MBC patients, 2) calendar of breast-cancer related events and workshops, and 3) list of relevant research articles from published scientific papers, scholarly journals, and peer-reviewed online publications so patients can stay current on the latest breast cancer research. I consult with the Quantum Leap Health Care Collaborative from the University of California- San Francisco, to help maintain a searchable clinical trial database on the website I also conduct personalized clinical trial searches for patients that have exhausted all of their treatment options and need help finding a trial for which they qualify. Aside from the consulting, all of the work I do is pro bono because I don't believe patients should have to bear this financial burden on top of all the other burdens they must manage.


Baltimore, MD


Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Christine not only maintains an impressive comprehensive one-stop-shop MBC website but she attends conferences, provides recaps of hard to digest medical sessions, admins Facebook groups, and gives personalized support and guidance in the world of clinical trials and resources.  — Erica

Christine Hodgdon

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