Kelsey Darragh

Patient Leader

Producer, comedian and social media personality, Kelsey Darragh gained popularity as a performer at BuzzFeed before starting her own podcast Confidently Insecure. She is also the mind behind the Can We Cure It series on Hulu where she explores different treatments for her Trigeminal neuralgia and anxiety alongside fellow patient, Lara Parker. Kelsey has raised awareness for patients with this rare and painful condition by sharing her intimate story in videos and in her Hulu series. She has also been very open about her experiences with anxiety and how it has impacted her daily life and career. Her bubbly personality and brutal honesty has made it easy for audiences to relate to her and to find the courage to share their own stories about mental health and chronic illness.


Los Angeles, CA


Hilarious Patient Leader
Kelsey Darragh

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