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Fort Worth, TX


Hilarious Patient Leader


Best in Show: Instagram

Thecancerpatient’s social media provide a funny and therapeutic way to look at the cancer journey! Sometime patients want to escape the hard times and this is one of the best and most hilarious outlets for that! The person who started this is a cancer survivor and knows how to perfectly get into the mind of others survivors and Entertain!  — Allison

Carlo fought NHL and is always there for anyone who needs him. His Instagram feed is HILARIOUS @thecancerpatient and the stories truly his me in the feels  — Kaitlyn

TheCancerPatient is not just an Instagram page. It is a community. This page is a light in a tunnel of darkness for 17k+ people. The content on this page is relatable to cancer patients and survivors of all types and stages as well as caregivers and medical providers. TheCancerPatient built a community that makes having cancer suck a little less.  — Laura


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