Liz - Despite Pain

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I have lived with chronic pain all of my adult life. I have trigeminal neuralgia, scoliosis, back pain, rib pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and a few more conditions. I developed scoliosis when I was ten years old. Nothing could be done to help. This has resulted in me living with chronic back and rib pain. My trigeminal neuralgia went undiagnosed for over 20 years, meaning that I lived with terrible face pain for all those years without the correct type of medication. Living with pain every day is not easy at all, but I try to have as positive an outlook as possible. Some days that's easier that other days. I run a trigeminal neuralgia awareness page and support group called End Trigeminal Neuralgia along with another TN sufferer. The page and group have been going since 2012.. We try to support sufferers, promote awareness, share information and try to offer practical suggestions and advice. Last year I started my blog, to try help bring awareness about chronic pain conditions, and share my experiences in the hope that it can help other people.


Edinburgh, SCT


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret

Liz has some fantastic content on her blog - keep an eye out for her! ;)  — Sheryl

She stands tall even with her pain to be an advocate and voice for other chronic pain sufferers. From the very day we crossed paths she has always been a positive speaker, fighter for education and awareness. She has always been a shining light in a dark places for those that suffer. We need more people like Elizabeth Sirrell!  — Toni

Liz - Despite Pain

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