Lisa Lurie

Patient Leader

I am a breast cancer survivor and the co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed, a lifestyle company that educates and empowers women to recover with dignity, positive self-esteem and personal style. Cancer Be Glammed supports women coping with all forms of cancer. Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I underwent a double mastectomy without reconstruction, an oophorectomy, and chemotherapy, I became bald, breast-less and bloated from steroids. It was soul destroying. I had excellent medical care but very little support to help me to cope with the body-altering, visible side effects of surgery and treatment. When I felt better, I became determined to improve the recovery experience for women. I co-founded Cancer Be Glammed to provide women with easy-access to information, practical-yet-fashionable recovery products, lifestyle solutions, helpful resources and a dynamic community of survivors and relevant experts. From a spark of an idea, Cancer Be Glammed has grown--supporting women through a multimedia platform which includes, our website and CBG-TV our dedicated YouTube Channel. This year we published our unique guidebook, Cancer Be Glammed--The Guide. "Take Charge of your recovery with Confidence, Comfort & Style." The guide is designed for individual use and as a patient-friendly support tool for oncology nurses, patient navigators and other oncology professionals to educate and engage their female patients to take charge of their recovery. In 1918, I had the honor to be named a finalist for the Hero Of Hope Award presented by the Academy Of Oncology Nurses & Patient Navigators. This recognition meant an enormous amount to me because I believe that the medical community and patients have to work together to identify and address the psychosocial needs of patients from diagnosis through survivorship. Cancer helped me to find my voice--as a patient advocate, blogger, author, speaker, recovery expert and survivor-entrepreneur. It is my privilege to help other people share theirs.


Pittsburgh, PA


Patient Leader Hero

Lisa has taken her own personal victory over breast cancer and is using her experiences to help others who are either facing breast cancer or surviving breast cancer and helping them to get through it in a glamorous way. Her products that she curates are helpful to those in the fight or trying to move on. Her website offers support, inspiration.  — Greg

Lisa Lurie

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