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The Michael Lorenzen Foundation is a charitable organization whose goal is to assist students with autism in paying for college. We want students on the spectrum to feel supported, financially and academically, as they move into adulthood. Our organization was formed in honor of an amazing little boy named Michael. Michael was born in July of 2013 and was always the brightest light in the room, even from birth. His family adored his joyful spirit and his smile touched everyone he met. This beautiful, bright-eyed child was only 4 when he perished in a house fire on January 26th, 2018. When Michael was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Autism is characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behavior, speech delays, and nonverbal communication. Michael demonstrated all of these behavioral tendencies, but also was a happy little bug who loved Paw Patrol, fire trucks, trains, and Halloween. In the 2.5 years following his diagnosis, we worked tirelessly to overcome these obstacles. He attended four hours a day of specialized ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and went to the local Pre-School. His dedication to progress from only saying “go!” to having a vocabulary of over 400 words shows how determined he really was. In fact, Michael exceeded expectations and was on course to attend Kindergarten in the Fall. We have no doubt that he would have graduated from high school and even gone on to college. It is our hope that all children on the autism spectrum have the opportunity to achieve a college education, as we feel Michael would have. We know first hand how much little contributions can add up to big successes. Your donations and support of our events will help us in our mission for valuing education for those who share Michael’s uniqueness. Thank you so much for your support of The Michael Lorenzen Foundation! Sincerely, Kellie Lorenzen President and CEO of The Michael Lorenzen Foundation & Michael’s Mommy


Exeter, RI


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The Michael Lorenzen Foundation was founded by his mom Kellie in the wake of a horrible tragedy. Michael, who dead in a house, was a sweet 4 year who had autism and to honor his memory the foundation was set to spread awareness, acceptance and to provide a scholarships.  — Jayme

Michael Lorenzen Foundation

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