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Health Activist Hero

I would like to bring attention to Dr. Jennie Byrne an all her care for patients. In all my years of working with physicians, she stands out the most. I would like to give some examples of why I chose to do this; Dr. Byrne always puts her patients first and is available 24 hrs a day. There has been many late evenings she has stayed at the office just to accommodate their schedule. Her compassion and care is always brought to my attention by new and existing patients. I have seen patients come in the office crying and when they leave I see peace and comfort on their face. I notice the special affection she gives Geriatric patients. It takes a special person to handle their conditions. It is amazing to see her care and compassion with these patients. I want to add that she travels to different hospitals, conventions, facilities, etc and speak of the importance of all psychiatric conditions and needs. Other treatments include opiate addiction, ADHD, CBT, Bipolar, and all other psychiatric conditions.  — Gwen


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