Stacy Reeve

Patient Leader

Stacy entered surgical menopause at age 36 after a long fight with endometriosis and fibroids. During the recovery period she noticed a lack of information and support for women dealing with Surgical Menopause symptoms. She created an online Facebook community for women in Surgical Menopause, which has grown to over 3,500 members. In 2017, she and her Co-founder added a website that reached out to women in Surgical Menopause with accurate and helpful information. In 2018 The Surmeno Connection was established as a non profit for women in Surgical Menopause. As a small yet constantly growing community, The Surmeno Connection offers hope, education, and advocacy for patients and clinicians alike. Their goal is to be sure “no woman is left behind” or feels alone in the struggle to adjust to the rapid, intense menopause caused by surgical procedures, and to educate clinicians on the uniqueness of Surmeno and treatment options.


Roseville, CA


Best Team Performance Best in Show: Community Patient Leader Hero Rookie of the Year

The Surmeno Connection is serving a need for education & support among the growing, yet mostly unrecognized world of Surgical Menopause. Their website contains useful information about Surgical Menopause and their peer-support group on Facebook is safe place for women to share information & experiences, and find the support they need.  — Brooke

Stacy has spent countless hours or her time with no pay to help and advocate for others going through a seemingly impossible health issue. Her passion, dedication and selflessness have literally helped thousands of women.  — Dan

Stacy Reeve

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