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Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK charity works to improve life for those affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). We raise awareness and support anyone who is affected by the poorly understood chronic condition, CRPS through awareness sessions for health and legal professionals as well as the general public, so that patients are diagnosed quicker and treatment started sooner to give patients a better prognosis. We provide a number of frontline support services including up to date, evidence based website, telephone helpline, an annual national conference, access to legal support, a dedicated email support system, 24/7 online community forum and social media support across 6 social media channels. Even though based in the UK, the charity supports anyone from around the world who either lives with CRPS or their families and friends. All our volunteers live with CRPS themselves but still make time to volunteer with the charity to support anyone who needs our help. Even though we’re a small Charity we have big ideas and a good following on social media. We interact with people who post comments or tweet us whether in the public domain or as a private message. The charity was founded by Victoria Abbott-Fleming who lives with CRPS and is a bilateral above knee amputee due to CRPS. Victoria and her husband work tirelessly trying to raise awareness through talks, lectures, conferences in the UK and abroad.


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Vicky is there for everyone, if have CRPS or if your a family member or work colleague or a friend. I have used BurningNights loads of times. I even know some of my friends have too. Vicky is just brilliant, any time of the day.  — Tracey

Victoria has not only created an online forum for CRPS discussion for both ppl who have CRPS and families. But she has endlessly promoted CRPS in the news, hospitals & many outlets. Also she was an endless support for us as a family when our son was diagnosed and offered us so much support when we REALLY need it which was and still is a Godsend.  — Steve

Burning Nights CRPS Support

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