Andra Stratton

Patient Leader

Andra Stratton is an advocate for the global lipodystrophy community. She has led the efforts to increase awareness and support among patients for all types of lipodystrophy around the world since co-founding Lipodystrophy United in 2012. Andra works closely with lipodystrophy stakeholders and has been a key opinion leader and the patient voice in meetings and conferences with lipodystrophy experts in the United States and Europe. In addition to her work in Lipodystrophy, Andra is a recognized leader in the rare disease community as a Global Genes Rare Leader, a member for the Rare Advocacy Movement and is the host for Rare In Common, a podcast featuring rare stories.


Los Lunas, NM


Best in Show: Podcast Best Kept Secret

Since her diagnosis of partial lipodystrophy, Andra Stratton, the co-founder of Lipodystrophy United, has been an advocate for the rare community. As host of the podcast Rare in Common, she gives a voice to those touched by rare disease, allowing them an opportunity to share their inspiring stories and raise awareness for the community as a whole.  — Leesha

Andra Stratton

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