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Bernadette is on an advisory board for the National Institute of Health research program "All of Us." She is an alumni of the 2018 Advisory Team for She recently joined a committee that wants to identify the needs of Parkies in all the adjoining counties to Onondaga County in New York State. Many counties in the state do not offer support groups, nor communication on Parkinson's events. This committee hopes to address some of these deficits Bernadette is very active in participating in clinical trials through the University of Rochester. NY, Fox Insight, Rutgers University, and other educational establishments , as well as medical facilities and private industry. Her activity in trials in 2018 amounted to ten trials. So far in 2019, she has completed thirteen trials. She has recently applied to a division Department of Defense to be on a Parkinson's advisory board. On a personal note, Bernadette enjoys classes on writing stories, gardening, and a program at the local YMCA, "Bicycling for Parkinson's." Bernadette is a board member to the local Humane Society. She also enjoys working with youth throughout NYS involved in SkillsUSA. Bernadette is celebrating her 15th year of her Parkinson's diagnosis. She has never let Parkinson's define her or limit her. Bern's mindset, her compassion for others, and her generosity of spirit have been contagious and courageous. Her attitude is infectious as well as inspirational. She always looks forward, never looking back. She surrounds herself with positive people. She accepts that she cannot do all the things as she used to, but realizes there is so much she is still able to do (-) physically, mentally, and emotionally. She never misses a party if she can help it, and finally, she dances like no one is looking. Bernadette unselfishly shares her philosophy with Parkies, cancer patients, and other individuals with chronic conditions.


Hannibal,, NY


Patient Leader Hero

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