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Siobhan truly deserves this award! As a pre-med student, I’m always looking for ways to learn something on the go and her videos never fail to come through. Her explanations are thorough yet simple to allow everyone to grasp the idea(s). She knows exactly how to keep her audience engaged! Inspirational✅ Entertaining✅ Realistic/Educational ✅  — Nardein

I want to nominate Siobhan, because she is one of the most hard working people I know. She documents her life as an internal medicine resident. Her vlogs are realistic, entertaining and educational. Her positivity is contagious and if you read the comments below her videos, you'll see how many people she inspires. She deserves this award!  — Maureen

She inspires a lot of people who watches her youtube channel. She has a soothing voice when she talks about her life experiences as a doctor and can attract a lot of viewers even to those people who are not into medicine. Lastly, her smile is contagious that makes her more attractive.  — Omel Khayr

Ability to explain everything clearly and easy to understand.  — Justin

Siobhan has this kind of aura, angelic aura, I mean, has given me lessons on how doctors cure and give patients a second chance in life. Thank you, Siobhan, for dedicating your time to spread your passion in both YouTube and as a doctor. May God bless you!  — Emily

She is inspiring and teaches a lot about her life journey as a medical resident, she teaches different terms in the medical field and explains to her viewers what she does to help others. She does all of this while keeping her audience engaged! She is always extremely positive and always makes me feel better!!  — Justin

Formally suffering from ESRD due to being born with VATER Syndrome. I seen vids of Dr. Siobhan taking care of her pts with renal disease took me back to memory lane. I had renal transplant but due to having a mirtefanoff and an augmented bladder have to catheterize to urinate which is hard due to the catheter being a foreign object germs everywhere  — Sulu

Violin MD

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