The Womb Tang Clan

Patient Leader


Utica, NY


Best in Show: Facebook Best in Show: Community Best Kept Secret

Andrea runs FB Support Group “Young Women with Endometrial Cancer “ as well as a Instagram “TheWombTangClan” and I cant put into words the sense of community, the sense of relief, care, friendships & love that I’ve received while dealing with my cancer due to her & her groups. She truly is one of the best kept secrets around!  — Jenifer

Andrea is the BEST. I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer at the age of 39 last year. There are no support groups for my type of cancer with women as young as myself in the area in which I live. I looked on Facebook, and found this group. Andrea Mariani welcomed me with open arms and the support of these women whom I have never met is amazing  — Nicole

The Womb Tang Clan

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