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I invite you to watch bona fide scenes Not once floated in my farthest dreams I would be propelled at the age of nineteen Into an ocean, the outer surface unseen Three weeks later and three days prior My twentieth birthday became a courier; Of anomalous gifts šŸŽšŸŽˆ Camouflaged in thick, unappealing wrappers of searing pain As I unroll the layers, untold beauty is lodged far in, I ascertain Transformational gifts Perfusing as a "rare type of a common" - yet barely recognized illness termed as [ DYS-AUTO-NOMIA ] Sounds like gibberish?? And somewhat freakish? Kindly read future posts to gain a glimpse of this mysterious realm... Many are oblivious it actually exists. Sadly, most Dr's are also clueless. Despite losing the version of my former self through the strife of life, I realized that our mere existence holds manifold purpose, regardless of circumstances. Often, I thought it was the end of my world But as the clock ticked & life upsurged I learnt to accept plans not meant to be And welcome the enigma of a rare decree In due course, unexpected enterprises were favored Once my heart espied subtle messages being transmitted Initially, I didn't perceive, such a commencement Would escourt me to astonishing invoked betterment After all, I am A student in an ongoing, yet temporary examination room Being tested for the graduation day; to approach quite soon After all, I am A corporeal passing by Awaiting to qualify Hence, I derive No trial Is futile Dysautonomia is unheard & invisible Us bearers are treated despicable We've become invincible Surely not dissmissable The manner in which it manifests with each patient Uniquely classifies it as Atypical & different! Visualize a tree; The roots being an etiology - underlying factor The trunk stemming as dysautonomia The branches following as synchronized conditions And leaves subdivided as a plethora of (progressive) symptoms


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