Samantha Delmege

Patient Leader

A Registered Nurse and also a blogger who helps many women within the assisted reproductive community. I enjoy blogging about my journey as it helps me heal and helps many others. I have been trying for a baby for close to 7 years now, with no luck. My husband and I started IVF treatment in 2015 and since then have endured a long hard road. Multiple operations, Endometriosis removal, several D&C’s, 7 stim cycles, 22 embryos transferred, 5 miscarriages. It’s been a hard road and one I don’t want to give up on until I get a baby wether it be with my own eggs or with the help of another. I speak openly about my journey and my relationship with my husband who is a few years older than myself. We have 2 beautiful poodles that we adore. In 2018 I became an ambassador for Queensland Endometriosis which I am so proud of. Womens health I am very passionate about.


Gold Coast, 04


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret

Sam advocates for others experiencing infertility by passionately writing honest and raw blogs for others to read, sharing her journey publicly through TV programs, being admin of many groups helping thousands of women, she is an ambassador for QEdno spreading the word on endometriosis, and she dedicates her spare time chatting with others  — Max

Sam’s blogs are honest, raw, factual and help women and men who are experiencing infertility. She writes in laymen’s terms so it’s easy and her blogs are written with so much emotion and passion. They have been read by thousands and shared because they relate to people.  — Max

Samantha is a fantastic support to so many women and helps to keep everyone positive even though she is going through such a hard journey herself. A lot of women look up to Samantha for advice/support and so many friendships have been created through her online Facebook group. Her blogs are so true as to what IVF and infertility is really like.  — Kimberley

Sam is an inspiration to people struggling with infertility issues. She is honest and open and show us all how to act with dignity in the face of adversity and unbelievable sadness. Her positiveness is wonderful.  — Karen

Samantha Delmege

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