Sharon Coyle-Saeed

Patient Leader

My name is Sharon and I am just so honored to be nominated for this award! I am the CEO and founder of ibdjourneys---an organization created to connect others with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, share our stories and hopefully inspire each other with the knowledge if knowing no one is alone. ibdjourneys is more than a support group, it is a family an ibdfamily!!! We celebrate birthdays, mourn and honor lives lost and cry with each other through the bad days and rejoice during anyones good ones!!! ibdjourneys other goal other than being a support is to spread awareness so one day, IBD can be known as a household name with the raising the roof on awareness it is my dream and a promise to my hospital roommmate/bestie/sister friend and fellow warrior of IBD who passed on that I wont stop till my last breath and I cant go on anymore to achieve these goals!!! I cant wait to hear more of your journey ----for everyone has one and looking forward to meeting more of our IBD family----for there is strength in numbers!!! Thank you once again for the nomination! Lastly but most importantly, ibdjourneys was started from my computer, however, it is a grassroots organization and can not survive without each and every member!!! Our group started in October 2012, but has reached to over 1,000 on facebook within a years time and is growing on a daily basis. I humbly accept this nomination for each and every member past, present and future!!!


Edison, NJ


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero


Best in Show: Community or Forum Best in Show: Instagram Best in Show: Facebook Lifetime Achievement

IBDJourneys is the community I goto to connect with other IBD patients.

As a sufferer of Crohn's Disease, this group has provided me with so much support and information and also some friends who understand what i'm going through and help to make living with this disease more bearable.  — Clare

Living with IBD is a lonely road but ibdjouneys has given me a family to confide in ...

Whenever I feel Crohn's Disease is too much to handle these people talk me down from the ledge. If I need information about the disease or help they're always right there. I'm not sure I could have gotten through my first recovery without them.  — Melissa

IBD Journeys is a group that allows others to talk open and honestly about their journey through life with IBD. I personally have met some great people and learned a lot from them by being involved in the group.  — Jeffrey

I LOVE IBD Journey's instagram! They post pictures of patients with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis showing things like patients in the hospital, patients with surgery scars, patients getting medications from shots or IV's, and motivating pictures of patients over coming daily obstacles.  — Sara

Non stop support and even when the admin are ill with their own problems they still always post messages of support for others and try to maintain a positive atmosphere among the group members. EVEN posting birthday messages! So glad I found the facebook and instagran accounts and think these people really deserve thanks and recognition.  — LEE

I absolutely love this group. Our page leader Sharon Saeed is wonderful. She has changed my life and I haven't even met her in person! Ibdjourneys on fb is such a great group to be apart of as it helps so many of us irritable bowel disease sufferers.  — Rebecca

Sharon battles IBD herself, well versed in all matters related to dealing with IBD. Her creation of ibdjourneys Facebook group allows a safe place for people and caretakers dealing with the everyday challenges of IBD. It was was a lifesaver for me when my teen was diagnosed in 2012, as well as all the others who find the group.  — Mufi

I am nominating Sharon Coyle-Saeed for all her work as a health activist for IBD. Starting with being the founder of ibdjourneys, an online support group for IBD, to her facebook where she posts daily inspirations for those dealing with any health condition, and her blogging for Wego Health that captivates anyone going through health challenges.  — Saad

Sharon is an inspiration to thousands of members of the groups. She is totally vested and committed to their well being. She is a motivator and a fighter.  — sharon

She is a born helper. Aside from her work in drawing attention to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, she actively highlights other issues. In discussing my bipolar disease with me, she has given me a deeper understanding that life is worth fighting for.  — Beverly

Sharon Coyle-Saeed

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