Amy Lacey

Patient Leader

Hello! I’m Amy Lacey, the Owner/Founder of Cali’flour Foods, best selling author of Cali’flour Kitchen and a passionate autoimmune advocate. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren's, becoming one of 50 million+ people suffering from an autoimmune disease in the United States. I quickly learned that dietary changes would lower the recurrence of flare-ups, so I needed to find anti-inflammatory alternatives for all of the foods I desired most but could no longer enjoy. Pizza night was a staple in our house and not something I was willing to give up so I set out to reimagine my favorite foods and created a no mess, no stress, cauliflower pizza crust to satisfy my cravings without sacrificing my health. Out of a mess, my message was born: healthy eating should taste as good as it makes you feel. Now with a following of over 700K, I have a great platform to spread awareness about autoimmune diseases and how cleaning up your diet can impact the way you feel on a daily basis.


Chico, CA


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She’s reaching out beyond her own illness to the general wealth and well being on many. And with an indulgent, healthful, delicious product. She changed the game.  — Debra

Love these crusts!!

Amy Lacey

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