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PND and Me is a maternal mental health peer support network that I founded in 2014, after experiencing antenatal and postnatal depression with my three children. I run a weekly Twitter chat #PNDHour every Wednesday 8-9pm. This is a peer support group that has connected 1000s of people affected by maternal mental illness. We aim to connect, support and empower mothers in their own journey.


Scotland, SCT


Best in Show: Community Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Twitter

Rosie makes a huge difference to women who may experience postnatal depression. She is insightful & kind yet fiery. Rosey directs women and families to the right support to help them to realise they are not alone in their postnatal depression and directs then to the safest support . I find Rosey inspirational and I am always learning from her .  — Jenny

Peer support and raising awareness of maternal mental health in her community. Shared personal experience.  — Michelle

Rodney has brought literally 1000's of people together and increased the awareness of perinatal mental illness. She's brought together professionals and mums and dads to share their stories and journeys, being supportive and empathetic the whole time.  — Ruth

Rosey has a gorgeous soul and caring spirit for sharing what she knows so that she can help others. She is dedicated and passionate about seeing other people recover.  — Delphi

Gives of herself time and time again. A true inspiration  — Elaine

PND and Me

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