Sara Cohen (@FromThePatientPerspective)

Patient Leader

After spending my teenage years as a complex patient, lost in a fragmented healthcare system, I have made it my goal to change this reality for the millions of Americans still stuck in the cycle of mistreatment. Over the years, I have learned more in an exam room than I ever could from a written exam. My eyes have seen between the lines of every medical textbook and felt the pain of words left unwritten. In the fall of 2016, I entered Occupational Therapy school and realized that the patient voice is too often missing from important conversations. Not all providers have the perspective of a patient, and not all patients have the perspective of a provider, but those lucky few who do? Well, I like it think it’s the silver lining on this difficult battle that allows us to find our voices, own our stories, and use them to ensure future patients can break through the barriers that held us back for so long. 


Langhorne, PA


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Sara is an incredible patient advocate who is committed to supporting others and creating a better future for all patients! While working through her own medical challenges she continues to give back through volunteering her time and talent to a variety of causes, as well as sharing her authentic journey and empowering others through her Instagram!  — Fight Like A Warrior

Sara Cohen (@FromThePatientPerspective)

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