Dr. Christina Iglesia, Founder of #therapyiscool mental health action campaign

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On October 10th, 2018 (World Mental Health Day), Dr. Christina Iglesia launched the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign. Dr. Iglesia launched this initiative after several patients disclosed how they don’t disclose the fact that they participate in therapy, even to the closest people in their lives. Statements shared, like “My parents don’t believe in therapy” or “People would think I am crazy or something” continued to make their way into the therapy room. The theme of these conversations kept coming back to stigma, this implicit agreement that mental health issues are not to be talked about. It became clear to Dr. Iglesia that people will continue to suffer in silence until we make it socially acceptable to partake in mental health treatment, such as therapy. It is with this in mind that Dr. Iglesia created the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign, with the intent to encourage authentic and open conversations about mental health. The #therapyiscool mental health action campaign is a call to action on two fronts. One brings attention to the matter of mental health and removes its stigma. The other provides much needed funds for mental health treatment. The proceeds from the purchase of each official #therapyiscool tote and t-shirt goes to mental health organizations that directly offer treatment services to a broad cross-section of those in need. From professional athletes to actors to international mental health advocates, people are actively participating in this campaign through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In the 9 months since the launch of the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign, we have raised thousands of dollars for mental health organizations across the United States. As of June 2019, the campaign has led to #therapyiscool tote and t-shirts being shipped to over 502 cities in ALL 50 states and 18 countries! The #therapyiscool mental health action campaign has been featured in numerous publications including Women’s Health Magazine, Thrive Global, Medium, and PsychCentral. The momentum behind the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign is continues to build, fueled by a community of people dedicated to raising awareness and combating the stigma associated with mental health conditions.


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Dr. Iglesia has devoted so much of her time, effort, skills, money and passion to advocating for mental health and erasing the pervasive stigma that plagues mental health in our country. Her #therapyiscool campaign has made waves across the nation but there is still so much work for advocates to do. Dr. Iglesia deserves this award and much more!  — Natalie

Dr. Christina Iglesia, Founder of #therapyiscool mental health action campaign

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