Tristan Haller

Patient Leader

I live my life with the intention of motivating other to get moving and to eat healthfully! I live to remind people (namely women) that they are worth the time and energy to make themselves healthy, happy and fit! I lead group fitness classes, personally train clients, and reach out via my blog and social media platform daily to share my fitness journey with others (including all the icky stuff that rarely gets discussed publicly like food addiction) in hopes that other women will get inspired to embark on one themselves, and more importantly, stay the course!


Health Activist Hero Best Kept Secret

Inspirational in so many ways. So down to earth and easy to talk to. She has been down the same road most people have when it comes to fitness. She has found a way to make fitness fun with personal training and group classes, especially her boxing class and power lift class. She understands the struggles we face and encourages us to meet our goals. I know she has positively impacted my life and has helped me reached goals I never thought possible. It's just so simple she motivates and inspires on a daily basis!  — Mari

She's the best trainer ever. Helps me a so many others  — Aaron

She never stops promoting health and fitness. Creative, funny, and caring in her business, and her blogs.  — Maura

Tristan is an awesome inspiration to all. She is welcoming , funny, and beautiful inside and outside. She has been a hidden treasure that needs to be found and appreciated by everyone.  — Maura

Finding an excellent personal trainer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I found one though! The best thing about Tristan is her inherent talent for motivation. As a personal trainer & group class instructor, her passion to help & motivate her clients towards their fitness goals is superior and approachable. Definitely, a best kept secret  — Mari

Tristan Haller

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