Jenna Green, Full of Grit & Grace

Patient Leader

Since Jenna’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2016, she has committed herself to bring awareness, support, education, and community to those who suffer from MS, invisible illnesses, chronic pain, and fatigue. She shares her own personal health journey while fundraising for the MS Society and speaking about how she copes with her autoimmune illness as a self-employed small business owner. She connects with her community on social media with her stories about real life including all the ups and downs of living with MS, running a business, and having an invisible illness ‘when you still look so good’. Jenna blogs regularly on social media marketing, lifestyle, and chronic illness topics on her own blog as well as contributing to various blogs and websites including The Unchargeables and In the past year, she's spoken about Chronic Pain at the Hope Project Series in Boston, and participated in the MS Action Day at the Massachusetts Statehouse, meeting with senators and representatives regarding important initiatives for MS warriors. She’s active daily on her Instagram and created her own Facebook support group that has connected together hundreds of women who run small businesses and also face extenuating circumstances in order to help them thrive while giving themselves the grace they so greatly deserve. She recently launched her first online course on affiliate marketing to help others that cannot work a traditional 9-5 learn how to make extra income recommending products they love on social media channels they already use. Jenna prefers the term unicorn over multiple chronic illnesses patient because it's more fun! She’s also a dog mom and foster dog mom, awesome auntie, fashion lover, and (mostly) optimist.


Holbrook, MA


Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Jenna helps my mom and sister deal with their pain issues, and Jenna is an honorary member of our family.  — Richard

Jenna is an incredible force for change in the chronically ill community. She doesn’t just act as a voice for others, she makes friends with everyone around her and amplifies THEIR voices. She works tirelessly to help new unicorns to see that there is a meaningful, exciting, and vibrant life after a diagnosis, while embracing the ideals of self-car  — Minessa

Jenna is a brave warrior, not only for herself, but for others. She is kind-hearted, giving, & caring to her core. She understands the struggles of chronic illness & uses her personal experience to help others find the information & strength they search for. Jenna is an attentive listener & I believe she has truly been called to patient advocacy.  — Bren

Jenna is an inspiration for people with chronic illness & those of us that are healthy. She is a go getter & a positive person. I am so proud of her. Marge

I can personally vouch for Jenna’s strength as a patient advocate for others and as a source of love and support in the community. When Jenna figured out I needed help, she became tireless in her efforts to help me understand, process, and deal with a new reality. This woman is amazing and deserving of recognition in her community.  — Jennifer

I suffer from a chronic pain condition and POTS and am entering the work force. Jenna helped me prepare for my first phone interview and I was able to feel prepared and build my confidence before the interview and I earned a face to face interview. I am so appreciative of all of the help Jenna gave me!  — Heaven

Jenna has been a great source of inspiration and support for my wife, who is going through the slog of having an invisible illness diagnosed.  — Dave

Jenna Green, Full of Grit & Grace

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