Andrea Taylor

Patient Leader


Owasso, OK


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero

Andrea has been a trailer Blazer advocating for patients with ATS. She has opened several of the only ATS clinics in the US to help research and treat this rare genetic disease. I have never met anyone who fights as tirelessly as she does for all ATS patients. I am so proud to know her, and can think of no else who deserves this more than she does.  — Brenna

Andrea is the most inspiring person I know. She gives everything she has and more, to (preferably) cure all patients with Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome. She dedicated her life. She tries to motivate everyone to donate for research. Also she is the one who connects patients all over the world. She watches over all ATS patients and their families.  — Ingrid

Andrea has selflessly lead a campaign to provide awareness to patients with ATS all over the world. She has worked relentlessly to find funding for patients and parents so they may attend conferences and clinics to help with their care. Andrea has stood as a tribute for all of the patients with ATS so they might have a healthier tomorrow.  — Megan

Andrea Taylor

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