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We reduce the anxiety, loneliness and mental health struggles we face as women living with chronic illness and disability by providing the tools to create a wonderful and fulfilling life at home. We run online clubs, groups, online events, projects and help you create a beautiful and fun life from your bed with others who understand and are in the same situation with their health. Our online platforms provide ongoing resources and social networks to women worldwide 24/7. Our community has grown so large that in July 2019 we are launching our social network app, designed as a social network exclusively for women with chronic illness to connect and enjoy true friendships, passions, and hobbies. To have this opportunity to bring The TIREDGIRL Society to this platform would mean opening up channels and opportunities for the community to access more resources and build better relationships between patients and the health care system. The TIREDGIRL Society is currently launching our first app, with our new Members Hub already launched on the website and the feedback has been just amazing. We have designed our own social network for women with chronic illness and the community gears us forward with such drive for better living and blossoming friendships We celebrate the small wins, the cup of tea you made today, the pain you fought through to make it and the overwhelming strength this community has! Hangout with us on instagram @thetiredgirlsociety Or join our community at


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Always super helpful navigating life with a chronic illness. Has brought together an entire community of chronically ill women to befriend each other to feel semi normal. Posts everyday no matter what she is going through. Extremely raw and always honest.  — Danielle

I nominate the "thetiredgirlsociety" for the fact that have she has a very uplifting page. Always something nice to look at either uplifting or just a note to make me smile. I enjoy her page very much. Thank you.  — Alicia

I was nominated but Im a chronically ill life coach who uses art therapy to help people and I am a real world activist and won an Ontario Youth Award for chronic illness Leadership å  — Blair

For showing up on instagram regularly to help and inspire other women dealing with similar issues. It's super inspiring to see!  — Rebecca


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