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Debbie Rosas, CEO and Founder of the Nia Technique, has been a health activist since the early 1970's. She pioneered the body-mind-health industry in 1976 and is a leading innovator, author, teacher, choreographer, healer, and artist. Her work is celebrated and taught by trained Nia practitioners in 49 countries for its application to both well and sick populations. Her technique incorporates martial arts, the healing arts, and dance arts into a synergy that produces movement as medicine. It provides an invigorating, gentle, safe and pleasurable workout for all levels. Her methods have been recognized by doctors and patients around the world as therapeutic, beneficial, and enjoyable. Her latest contribution is partnering with NYU to help develop the Parkinson’s program at the JCC in New York. Results have shown that practicing Nia includes improved balance, fewer falls, increased strength and endurance, improved ability to vocalize and a greater sense of body-mind integration. People like Christine Northrup M.D., Bernie Seigel, M.D. and Dr. James G. Garrick are just a few of the doctors that praise her work. The Nia program has been featured in more than 800 publications and media sources. Debbie offers workshops, master classes, and trainings to communities across the globe. Nia is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Reference:


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