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I'm Amy founder of MyIllnessMyThoughts & I'm in my 19th yr as a chronic illness fighter & it was during my latest relapse of severe ME/CFS that I reached out into the world of social media, for two simple reasons. Firstly, I never wanted anyone to feel as alone as I have felt, facing the uncertainty of chronic illness, especially when they can be so very unsupported. Secondly, it was my time to advocate, my time to speak my voice, to do my part. That had taken time to build myself to a point where I could do so but I was ready. And so, with this is mind, I set up my instagram profile & began sharing my truths and with that building a community where chronic illness warriors can share theirs. Where we can feel accepted. Where everyone knows that they are not alone, there are others out there who have their back, who understand. It's important to me to give people a voice. To support. And to raise awareness publicly by doing so. This isn't behind closed doors, this is on social media and I strongly believe that the more invisible illness is discussed, the better it will become understood and misjudgement will lesson. So I use my platform to share, to inform, to advocate. I try to break down scientific research and share the good work of charities. And most of all, I want people to know that i'm always there, even when I'm suffering myself. I am just one person but I'm trying to make a small difference with my profile and with my blog. Nobody should have to fight illness alone and feel unsupported, I'm just trying to help. I completely believe that if we can all be kind, all do something, we can make a difference.


Northumberland, ENG


Best in Show: Instagram

Amy tackles the often depressing subject of life with chronic illness with strength, courage & good humour, spreading awareness of M.E. along the way. Her Instagram account is one of my go-to accounts after logging on  — Nathalie

Amy @myillnessmythoughts @treatably

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