Estela Mata

Patient Leader

Since my sister was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago, I have been advocating for the Lupus Community as a whole. I advocate for patients that live with lupus, their loved ones and friends at a local level, national and international level. I have had the privilege to work alongside with my sister and co-facilitate in-person Bi-lingual support groups and Facebook live Spanish support groups for lupus survivors and their families. I have two sisters with Lupus, a mom whom suffered from Drug induced Lupus, and family members and friends who suffer from other chronic and autoimmune illnesses has inspired me to share my story from a loved one’s perspective. I can only hope that by continuing to share my story with legislators and the community I can help others going through the same situation, give them hope,remind them that they are not alone and that their voice matters.


Baldwin Park, CA


Advocating for Another
Estela Mata

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