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I am a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor sharing my journey with EDS, lupus, POTs and bladder issues. I help promote how to exercise with a chronic illness in a safe effective way.


Essex, ENG


Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Instagram Best in Show: Blog Rookie of the Year

A brilliant blog that demonstrates the struggles and triumphs that go with a chronic illness. She shows the ins and outs of life with a chronical illness while she supports her follows and gives amazing exercise tips that are easy to follow and complete even with a chronic illness.  — Natalie

She makes everyone with chronic illness not feel alone, she uses “waiting wiggle” it just brings everyone together, reminding people that it’s okay and we’re all in this together. She’s a lovely lady and really deserves this!  — Abby

Zoe is brave enough to share her story with the Instagram community helping many of us feel less alone. She advocates for a community of people with autoimmune conditions. Her honestly is refreshing and truly admirable. She should be really proud of what she does and she deserves this more than anybody I know.  — Sophie

Zoe is passionate about exercise to support living alongside chronic health issues. She lives with many health challenges and shares her journey in a real honest way, and always in her wry, funny style. She makes a real, and positive contribution to her chronic health community by being the wonderful, funny brave, honest person she is.  — Jan

Zoe has built her account with her honest real, encouraging, informative, sometimes heartbreaking, othertimes funny, always passionate posts. She supports others, spending energy and time replying to direct messages. She is inspirational in her courage facing and sharing really challenging health issues and I am so proud to know her.  — Jan


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