Olive Fulton

Patient Leader

I am PPI lead at AUKCAR and facilitate SPEAK Asthma the children and young persons group. PPI is now being used in researcher everyday. Those with a condition bring their lived expertise to the research team who may not know what it is like to have a condition. I have had severe asthma all my life and use my experiences to raise awareness and help others who are having a difficult time managing their asthma as well as helping them to access the health services they need.


Edinburgh, SCT


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Working with several multinational companies to ensure the voices of people with asthma are heard. Patient lead for a virtual research centre promoting patient collaboration in research. Helping professionals to set up their own patient involvement groups to help improve their research throughout the process from grant applications to dissemination  — Olive

Ive known Olivia for several years. She's strong voice asthma in the UK  — Stephen

Olive Fulton

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