Jenni Lock

Patient Leader

Hi, I'm Jenni and I write Jenni's Guts blog about Crohn's disease and other intestinal nonsense that I deal with. Not only do I struggle with stomach issues, I am lucky enough to have Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety and a whole long list of other fun things. Even though I have so much going on with my health, I try to find the humor in it all and bring a little bit of that to others with each post I write. I don't mind saying the things others keep in their heads, but usually in a funny way and with memes I've probably illegally stolen off the internet.


Springfield, OH


Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Blog

She paints a real, honest picture of what it's like to deal with Crohn's and other diseases in way that people can relate to it. Her humor in her blogs is wonderful and a great way to tell about and help people deal with it.  — Teresa

Jenni Lock

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