Wendy Station, Founder and President, Encephalitis Global

Patient Leader

When people see me standing at the front of a group speaking, it's easy for them to assume, "she looks okay, Nothing serious has ever gone wrong with her." When I speak, I want to tell people a story. A story of how low and desperate my situation was, and how far I have come. I want people to understand that you really cannot judge a book by its cover. Today my life is good. I've adjusted to things I cannot do, and learned how to do some things in a different way. I want the world to understand what folks like me have been through. Mainly, I want to provide hope for those who are just starting on this journey. I want to ensure they understand that they are not alone.


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Wendy is a survivor of Herpes Simplex Encephalitis and had to go on permanent disability. She started searching for information regarding encephalitis and hardly found any but found a small Yahoogroup support group that I ran for survivors and caregivers. She joined and the rest is history. She registered Encephalitis Global, Inc. as a non-profit organization. EG provides information on the illness and its residuals. There is an online support group through Inspire for all of the members that has almost 3000 members worldwide. Please visit www.encephalitisglobal.org to see shat I am talking about. Wendy took the bull by the horns and got our group off the ground.  — Ingrid

Wendy Station is a survivor of herpes simplex encephalitis and started Encephalitis Global as an online support group for other survivors and their caregivers. The website has over 4,000 members worldwide and provides much information about all different types of encephalitis; how to get help; where to get help; government organizations; etc.  — Ingrid

Wendy's 'Encephalitis Global' has reassured me that I am not alone in struggling to come to terms with the long term effects of this brain disease. It has also given me the chance to support other sufferers and their families. She definitely deserves an award for creating a global community who can support each other and share their experiences.

She is doing enormous work for spreading information to people who suffer from Encephalitis, but also and just as important she manages to distribute information to people outside the encephalitis forums thereby making awareness of the illness. The illness is often followed by isolation with the aftermath and support can be vital.  — Sune

Wendy is a survivor of herpes simplex encephalitis and is the President of Encephalitis Global, Inc. We have over 6,500 members worldwide. We have an online websire: www.encephalitisglobal.org and two online groups for survivors/caregivers. We also have had 12 annual meetings at different locations around the states. Wendy manages everything!  — Ingrid

Wendy Station, Founder and President, Encephalitis Global

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