Isabella Amazing Grace

Patient Leader

Hi, I am Izzy! I have Down syndrome, but I am NOT defined by my diagnosis.


Decatur, IL


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From the moment Cristy was told her baby would be born with Down syndrome she went to work educating herself on Down syndrome and once Isabella was born they became a team and she hasn't stopped her selflessness and Izzy determination has opened the eyes and hearts of thousand around the including my own. I am so very Proud of them both.  — Thelma

For a wonderful mom person and the loveliest little girl with challenges. Have an amazing graceful life.  — Desiree

I am nominating Izzy and her mama Cristy because they are huge advocates for Down syndrome and they are my heroes! We love Izzy💕  — Stephanie

Izzy & Christy have overcome so much & only show strength and love  — Denise

I think Christy deserves this award because she is just amazing with Izzy. You can tell she is such a loving and caring parent. Always keeping all of Izzy’s followers updated with what going on with Izzy and all her accomplishments. I go on Facebook everyday so I can read what’s happening with Izzy and her family.  — Claudette

Isabella Amazing Grace
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