Gianna Miceli

Patient Leader

Gianna Miceli is an outspoken champion for women’s health, transforming the stigma attached to menopausal women from fat & frumpy to sexy & fabulous with her revolutionary message that women over 40 are not medically defective - they are eating themselves to it. She is abolishing the paradigm that is brainwashing women to believe that a post menopause life will include a plethora of prescriptions and never feeling sexy in their own skin again. Fans of her book, “Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry, say, “This book helped me see that there is an easy solution that doesn't require a prescription”. Gianna has been in the beauty business for over 20 years and is a certified holistic detoxing health coach. She entered the Fitness Atlantic Bikini classic at age 45 after losing 40 pounds in the middle of menopause, finished the Spartan Race at age 46, and published her book at age 50. Gianna has helped women lose an average of 45 pounds, reverse pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and kick antidepressants & sugar addiction to the curb in her online “Sexy & Fabulous Academy,” and “90 Days To A New You Program”, and is on a mission to end the medical enslavement of women over 40. She is a captivating and sought-after speaker whose presentations on Youtube and her iTunes podcast are opening the eyes of women across America. Gianna Miceli speaks for health events, wellness groups, professional business women, weight loss conferences, entrepreneurial associations, boomers, etc.


White Plains, NY


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Gianna Miceli

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