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Rania was diagnosed with MS at 19 while in her first year of University. In the first years of being diagnosed and navigating her new way of life she did not speak much about her struggles. 2 years ago she decided to blog about her experience and since hasn’t been able to stop spreading awareness for this invisible disease. She started her blog as miss anonyMS, became an MS Ambassador for MS Limited in Australia and runs her own charity events with all proceeds going to finding a cure for MS as well as support services to help people living with MS. When she’s not advocating for MS she works for a bank managing organisational change and communications. Her whole hearted passion is advocating for people with MS, any Chronic Illness or any moment/situation in life that has caused grief/change in what is considered ‘normal’ in life so that no one has to face MS or adversity alone.


Melbourne, 07


Best Kept Secret

I have recently been diagnosed with MS and I found out about Rania's blog while I was googling to see what it feels like to have it, and she is a true inspiration, shedding the light on a very rarely spoken about disease! And it means so much to us if we and other people become more aware about it,  — Kawtar

Rania is the most positively optimistic human that I know - hands down. Through all of her own struggles, she always sees the brightness ahead, and wants to make the world better for others. She is selfless, with the biggest heart, and more motivation and drive than most who aren't battling chronic illness. She is a true warrior and inspiration.  — Lisa

miss anonyMS

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