Patient Leader

I got sick at 15. I played varsity tennis, got A’s & B’s, completely healthy & things rapidly deteriorated after I had an adverse reaction to the Gardasil/HPV vaccine. Normally, I don’t speak about this or the topic of vaccines at all because it’s extremely controversial. My body also cannot detox properly, I am unable to take any pharmaceuticals any more. I’ve changed my lifestyle, diet, switched to alternative medicines & have been trying to heal my body naturally, it’s MY only option. But, this is also something that makes my story + advocacy, UNIQUE. I had no idea what vaccine injury even was until it happened to me. Education is key. Compassion is crucial. The purpose of my account though, is to bring light, happiness + hope to others. Showing that it IS possible to live life AND be happy despite being sick. Someone had once wrote “I really feel that life is happening for us & not to us. Our illness is gifting us the greatest thing we could ever know—a shift in perspective & a new way to listen to our bodies” & I TRULY BELIEVE THAT. Everything happens for a reason. There are multiple seasons of life & I’m just posting what’s going on throughout all of mine. The highs & the lows. So grateful to be nominated for these awards! My body hurts, but my heart is so full! This community is INCREDIBLE.


Denver, CO


Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret

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