Michele Lovetri

Patient Leader

I am a twin mama who is on a mission to normalize the struggles of mental health and postpartum. I believe in connecting us thru our darkness to climb into the light and I also strive to bring out the realistic parts of this parenthood journey.


Norwalk, CT


Advocating for Another Best Kept Secret

Michele helps others by sharing her story. She personally helped me thru a time of anxiety. I reached out and she responded with such words of encouragement. It felt like we knew each other and yet we are thousands of miles away. Shes one amazing mama.  — Brianne

Michelle shines a bright light onto what struggling with mental health can look and feel like. Her venerable journey has also brought about her deep dedication to advocating for mental health awareness. She has built a safe space where many people who might also be struggling can come to for validation, understanding, knowledge and even support.  — Megan

Michele Lovetri

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