Alexandra Latten Argosino

Patient Leader

As a Newborn Care Specialist & New Mom Coach, I believe that every postpartum mom needs, and deserves, care and support. I see many new moms suffer silently from Postpartum Depression. Postpartum Depression has become a public health issue, yet, we are not comfortable talking about it. As a society we are failing postpartum moms! Postpartum Depression strikes one in every seven new moms. Three major triggers are exhaustion, feeling unsupported, and having a baby who cries persistently. Unfortunately, and sadly, not every postpartum mom has the resources to receive postpartum care, support, and guidance during her recovery, while learning to become confident in the care for her newborn. If we are to create a healthier future generation, then we need to start with supporting new moms first, and enabling them to create their healthiest selves by receiving care and support after birth. We absolutely need to support postpartum moms! We have the responsibility to share the message with society, and support legislative initiatives and laws. Postpartum support is not only reasonable...but crucial. Being a new mom is hard enough! Postpartum care and support is not a luxury -- it is a necessity!


Corona, CA


Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Helped me get through my post partum.  — Inez

her advocacy is selfless and a health issue seemingly ignored if not taken seriously by the society.  — archie

Alexandra is truly knowledgeable about post partum care and infant care! She's compassionate, very easy to talk to, always available, and loves her job and the people and babies she works with! I love Alexandra... I wouldn't know what to have done as a first time mother without her!!!  — Samantha

Alexandra Latten Argosino

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