Amy Byer Shainman

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Education-Support-Advocacy. Amy Byer Shainman (a.k.a @BRCAresponder), like Angelina Jolie, is BRCA1 positive. While Jolie inherited her BRCA1 gene mutation from her mother, Shainman inherited her BRCA1 gene mutation from her father. Shainman is a passionate hereditary cancer advocate who has appeared in numerous media campaigns, news stories, television segments, sharing her story while stressing how crucial genetic counseling is in the BRCA testing equation. She is Executive Producer of the BRCA documentary Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer and is currently writing a BRCA/Hereditary Cancer memoir. She is the creator of Hereditary Cancer News and co-creator of #GenCSM.




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Amy Shainman deserves to win this award for Best in Shown: Twitter, for all the BRCA/HBOC activism she does on Twitter. Not a day goes by that you won't find Amy on Twitter, tweeting, RT'ing about all things BRCA. The BRCA world is gaining a voice, and it's in part due to the efforts of Amy Shainman.  — Teri

Amy has put herself out there for years. With the support of her husband and her family, she has shared her personal journey with friends and strangers to alert them to the importance of knowing their own family's health history. Amy's blog posts the latest news on BRCA and related cancer research to educate families.  — Marla

Amy Byer Shainman

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