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Nicky started Nicky and Spice in early 2016 as a space to share her wellness transformation. At first, it was a space dedicated to food, fitness, and overall HAPPY vibes. It quickly grew into more of a rheumatoid arthritis community that really focuses on hope, awareness, and alternative management of this disease. I am hopeful that people who visit any of my platforms will find inspiration, first, then ask questions next. I love to share this journey, as it just continues to GO, THRIVE, and really expand into something very powerful for those battling chronic pain, scary diagnosis, and unknown triggers. To date, I have lived medication-free since November 2015, which is just over 3.5 years. Prior to nutrition management, I battled RA with various prescriptions and subpar care. I didn't know that I could stand up for myself and ask questions, demand a second opinion, or find alternatives---until I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My message may not be for everyone, but I truly believe in leaving EVERYONE better with any message I send out. I am extremely honored to be able to share this same message here, in this platform, because the powerful truth of sharing POSSIBILITY will bring a lot of light to a (sometimes) dark disease. This is for my fellow warriors!!


Gillette, WY


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