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I grew up as a vegetarian with a mother who was an advocate for natural food and healing, but I didn’t completely understand what true health was. We ate Annie’s pizzas and pot pie’s for dinner many a night. We were the typical vegetarian family who lived on tofu and soy products. This kind of lifestyle went on until I was seventeen, when I started working at a raw food restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. I began reading a lot of raw food literature, and once I read David Wolfe’s classic, Eating for Beauty, I was sold. I went raw overnight and the diet/style of living felt really good to me. Over the past ten years since then, I’ve tried so many ways of eating; I’ve tired a raw food diet, I’ve been 80/10/10, raw vegan, raw with raw milk and cheese, raw with no nuts or seeds, frutarian, strict vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. There’s nothing like using yourself as a test subject! Ultimately, I learned that it is not about being intransigent, it’s about going with the flow and listening to your body’s true needs. I don’t follow a dogmatic eating plan, and I don’t call myself a raw foodist or a vegan. I am a person who chooses to feed my body healthy nurturing food. I rely on my intuition and body to lead me to the foods that are right for my unique physiological make up. I believe in intuitive eating, and support my clients through cleansing and gentle diet changes to find their way back to the innocent intelligence of a clean body. With love, light and blessings, Summer Sanders

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