Jillian Rippolone, @t1dchick

Patient Leader

Hello! I'm Jillian and I have Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1997, one year after my brother was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1996. Having a Type 1 sibling was such a blessing, knowing I wasn't alone, like many of us often feel. After living with Type 1 for over 21 years, I have become a patient voice, leader and advocate in my diabetic community. I wanted to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes and have a platform where people can turn to, in times of struggle and need of support. My social media platforms like Instagram, has become a safe haven for Type 1's all across the world to gather and find relevant resources and support. I also started the “Diabetes Donation and Trade post”, to help type 1’s get the medical supplies that they need to survive, as many cannot afford, it’s a platform where everyone donates all unused or excess medical supplies and insulin to help others in our diabetic community in desperate need. I have a journey that most people can relate too. We all have experienced struggle and “burnout”, and wanting support but don’t know where to turn. We want someone who “gets it”, like me, like us. My life with diabetes was far from "perfect". The beauty with my social platforms (@t1dchick), is that I post the real, authentic everyday life with Type 1, not just the picture perfect “instagrammable” moments. We all have good and bad days with Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes does not discriminate. I am a volunteer, advocate, speaker, hiker, biker, scuba diver, lifter and world traveler. I love showing others "We Can!" and diabetes will not limit us from our dreams and passions. “Until there is a cure, there is community.” I will never stop advocating for the rights of Type 1 Diabetics. I will never stop my donation posts that saves lives, I will always be available to all my followers that’s now turned into family at any hour of the night, to be there, to support you. I am truly honored to have been nominated by one of you, and promise I will never let anyone down! My intentions are pure and my heart full, I love my community! So thank you for trusting me 💙


Birmingham, MI


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Jillian Rippolone, @t1dchick

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