Tiffany Westrich-Robertson

Patient Leader

I am a patient living with RA, Sjogren's, & Axial Spondy & CEO of IFAA: International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis. I spend well over 50 hours a week working within our 'Global Network' of collaborators (nonprofits, advocates, companies, etc) to solve problems most pressing to patients. I sit on many coalitions & advisory panels & am the solo patient reviewer at NIAMS/NIH. I spend a lot of my time at conferences, both attending & speaking, & working with industry & researchers to bridge patient voices into clinical practice. In 2015 I authored the Ethics of Step Therapy groundbreaking paper, now used to leverage policy in the US.


St. Louis, MO


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Best Ensemble Cast

IFAA works tirelessly to educate and raise awareness for Autoimmune Arthritis.  — Lorna

Tiffany works tirelessly 7 days a week, averaging 15 hours a day, yet her attitude always remains highly optimistic.  — Tamara

I am Nominating Tiffany because she goes above and beyond to help those such as myself whom have an Autoimmune Disease. Those who are associated with her through out the world appreciate her and the work she does. Tiff is an inspiration and I really hope for her to win this award.  — Judith

Tiffany works tirelessly to advocate for patients in the autoimmune arthritis community to ensure that awareness and education are brought to the forefront. She was the driving force in IFAA creating the Early Symptom Study, involving 3 other nonprofits, which will guide research and clinical practice towards earlier diagnosis and treatment.  — Tamara

Amazing for raising awareness of early detection/screening for RA.  — Elizabeth

At the core of IFAA is the underlying need for more awareness, but also wellness education, research and so much more. It is run strictly by patients FOR patients battling an Autoimmune/Auto-Inflammatory Arthritis and associated diseases. They don't represent the patient's voice BUT they ARE the patients's voice!  — Therese

I am Nominating Tiffany because she is a valuable Advocate that the Autoimmune Arthritis community will always have in their corner. Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable and is 100% committed to her patient followers and health professionals and like me believes in working together as a team to create better outcomes for the patient community.  — Judith

Tiffany is doing what needs to be done!  — Natasha

I am Nominating Tiffany because she truly is an inspiration advocating for herself and Autoimmune patients everywhere. Thanks for the friendship and thanks for all that you are and all that you do.  — Judith

Tiffany Westrich-Robertson

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