Mickey Grosman

Patient Leader

A yearlong expedition saw Mickey Grosman (age 65) cross the South American continent from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic, and through the mythical Amazon jungle, on a 5000 mile trek of treacherous terrain and endless obstacles. On a parallel journey that symbolize the journey to defeat cancer Mickey set a personal example of determination, courage and the power of the mind, and has inspired cancer warriors and their families to push beyond limits in order to make The Impossible Possible! Thousands of people from around the world followed Mickey Grosman on Facebook in real time for the entire expedition's duration as he communicated virtually with his crowd by posting Live updates along his journey path and by running interactive Live Satellite broadcasts from deep in the jungle along his 5000 mile trek; The famous AMAZON 5000 expedition. With Mickey's utilizing the power of Social Media on Facebook pages while trekking the Amazon jungle, and while he fought the elements and encountered endless obstacles, his crowed back home felt as being a part of this journey and played an important role in the make of the Impossible Possible. The story is yet to be told! Igniting global awareness to the war on Cancer and to the urgent need to find a cure, calling for research in the Amazon Rain Forest to be resumed, Mickey has returned home on April 2013 and continues his efforts to date to inspire those in the battle and to get the word out! Mickey has filmed his Amazon journey and is working now on getting his raw footage prepared for a documentary. *** Here are some of Mickey's words: A journey we walk is not always a matter of choice. Sometimes we are forced to begin a journey, to cross obstacles we never knew existed, and to push ourselves to new limits, all in order to prevail. When learning of my cancer, at the age of 63 I decided to take control and mainly leadership. I decided to use my life experience and go on a special journey to inspire warriors who battle cancer by setting a personal example of courage, determination, and the power of the mind, despite all obstacles along my way. And so I did. A yearlong expedition that begun in 2012 and ended in 2013 saw me cross the South American continent from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic, and deep through the mystical Amazon, on a 5000 mile trek of treacherous terrain, vicious elements, mankind brutality, but also kindness. I battled nature to the extreme while crossing Cloud Mountains that towered high over deep Gorges, through desert, raging Rivers, primary Jungles, Swamps and Savannah. I was driven with a passion to make the Impossible Possible! The engine that pushed me over my limits and kept me going day after day was the realization that too many families like you of amazing warrior children are in a daily battle to defeat cancer, and without any option to quit!!! See -- with the intention to inspire you, I was actually inspired by you! By your strength to keep fighting and your determination to overcome this disease. But such a journey cannot be done alone. I had a support team on the ground of the Amazon; South American and North American alike, few of them you have met. All have joined me in my call to ignite a global awareness to the war on cancer and to bring an attention to the urgent need to find a cure! I was touched by the support of governments and communities across my journey, especially of Ecuador, of many good people who care for the cause even though they are of different cultures. But like you, I had the unconditional support of my family back home, especially of my wife of 45 years, Noga, who was my rock in this journey, along with my children, grandchildren, good neighbors and friends. I hope my journey of overcoming the Amazon jungle and cancer will help inspire and motivate you too – to overcome ANY challenge life put in your way – and to inspire others in your communities, through your OWN story. What seems impossible can be turned to possible – when you put your mind to it, to Never Give Up! And like me, you are NOT alone – you are surrounded by good people and communities who wish to help and support you along the way, along your journey! Keep Strong! "חזק ואמץ" 'Chazak Ve'Amatz'. Be Strong and of Good Courage. (Yehoshua 1:6-9 & 1:18, and Devarim 3:28 & 31:1-10) God Bless! Mickey Grosman Founder and Expedition leader Amazon 5000 – for the cure

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero
Mickey Grosman

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