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We have our work cut out for us in the Latino community. This is such a quiet cancer. There are a lot of taboos about the body, about health -- it's going to be hard. You can't do a self check for this. You have to go to a doctor; you have to navigate the medical system. We need to make the case for being proactive -- it will make it easier for you in the long run. Do something before you have to think about the treatment costs. I think we should do our outreach to the mothers as they are the "bosses of the house." We want you to be informed so you can help your family. The fathers are usually the providers and don't like to ask doctors questions. Let's motivate our families to get screened.


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tireless and creative support of his cause and community.  — john

Dr. Mendoza has long advocated for detection and dissemination of information of colon cancer in the Hispanic Community. The Hispanic Community has been neglected for a long time in regard to colon cancer. His advocacy in this regard has had a great impact in the Washington, DC and Los Angeles areas in bringing this to the forefront in the Hispanic Community. Please see his Facebook page which describes his activities for this in detail. It is:  — Rebat

Volunteering with Colon Cancer Alliance, Jose Mendoza-Silveiras advocates for screening and prevention in the Hispanic American community. He writes articles, gives medical presentations, serves on boards and panels, raises funds, and reaches out personally to patients through CCA's Buddy program. He devoted this time in Washington, now in Los Angeles, despite his heavy employment schedule in pharmaceutical research, and despite his own bouts with cancer. He is the best person I know.  — Jeff

Jose volunteers tirelessly with the Colon Cancer Alliance to help the Latino community. He has helped them raise money for Spanish-language materials and then worked with them to create and distribute those materials. His work is so effective that CCA is now being contacted by Spanish-speakers from around the world. Additional funds he raised went to the Blue Note fund, which helps cover expenses for people suffering from colon cancer. Jose also helps review applications to the Blue Note fund.  — Paul

Jose has been working with the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) based in Washington, DC for several years. After recognizing that the CCA had no Hispanic outreach program, Jose began a yearly event to raise money to create and sustain it. The program is targeted toward male latinos who feel a stigma associated with colon cancer testing. It is an education program to encourage testing and there are also funds set aside to help defray expenses for those without health insurance. Jose was also a volunteer member of the CCA's board, working tirelessly to read applications for grants, making recommendations as on how to disperse the limited funds to make a difference in the lives of the most number of people. Now living in Los Angeles, Jose continues to work in support of the underserviced Hispanics.  — John

Dr. Mendoza works tirelessly to ensure the community he works in has access to cutting edge treatments through clinical trials. He is thoughtful, detailed and has a heart for his fellow employees.  — Joanne


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