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Welcome to Project: Dear Autism Mama… Letters of Compassion, Hope, and Joy, a collaborative project by mamas all over the world, writing letters of support and hope to fellow autism moms. We recognize that an ASD diagnosis is not the end of a dream, but the beginning of a great adventure! Write the letter that you wish someone would have sent you when you first received your child’s diagnosis. What words of hope would you impart on this new Mama? What myths would you debunk? How has autism changed your life and your child’s life for the better? What accomplishments have you celebrated? What stereotypes did your child shatter? How can new Mamas take care of themselves? As a mama in your shoes, I understand the dark places that parenting on the spectrum can take you. Likewise, I also know that living with an ASD child brings so many wonderful experiences, insight and joy. We all go through periods of difficulty and it’s during those times that Mamas need hope and the support of this unique community. Each one of us can point to advice, or a friendship or an event that really helped us to see this journey in a different light. I ask that each of us pay it forward to the new mamas in our shoes. Not only are we helping those mamas through this journey, but we’re helping their children, as well! Please join me in this beautifully intentioned journey to support our community. Autism mamas need to know that it gets better, it doesn’t always hurt, the rewards are tenfold, and our children help us to grow while we’re helping them in their own growth. There is beauty in this challenge. Let’s help new mama’s see this beauty!

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Dear Autism Mama

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